“There’s a huge and growing number of health apps out there

Patients and doctors are making increasing use of health apps, but there is little guidance about how well they work. Stephen Armstrong reportsThere are well over 150000 health apps available in Europe1 from those designed to improve general wellness to apps that monitor medical conditions, apps for clinicians, and apps that function as medical devices. There have been more than 102 billion downloads of health apps worldwide yet there is little regulation or guidance available for doctors or patients on quality, safety, or efficacy.What is the problem?Since the UK government founded the Cochrane Centre in 1992, evidence based medicine has been at the heart of healthcare.2 With the burgeoning apps market, however, things are different.”There’s a huge and growing number of health apps out there, and with that comes a wide variation in quality, testing, and evaluation,” says Sarah Williams, senior health information officer at Cancer Research UK.

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