Morua was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous

Discussion after the film. 594 8750. Wednesday, Oct. MOUNT OLIVE A 36 year old man is facing drug charges after he was seen driving erratically and then found to be carrying heroin and a syringe, police said. On Wednesday, Officer David Hering saw a 2011 black Honda traveling west on Route 46 failing to maintain its lane of travel so he stopped it near the Days Inn.Hering spoke to the driver, Benjamin Morua, 36, of Mount Arlington, who had gotten out of his vehicle, and was standing by the driver side door, police said.As Hering spoke with Morua replica oakley sunglasses, he noticed Morua reach toward a slight bulge on his chest several times.The ensuing investigation determined that Morua had a hypodermic syringe containing suspected heroin residue and a bottle cap containing cotton and more heroin residue in a sunglasses case located in a chest pocket in his jacket, police said.Morua was placed under arrest, and a search of his person uncovered 14 glassine baggies containing suspected heroin, police said.Morua was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (heroin), possession of paraphernalia and possession of a hypodermic syringe. He was then released with a pending court hearing..

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