“Coty can hardly wait to get the green light from his doctor to

“I could have died.”Doctors say high school sports pose more danger now than ever.”I think kids today are bigger and stronger,” said Dr. Adam Brooks of Waverly Covenant Clinic. “There more weightlifting involved than in years past more training involved, so the increase in velocity involved and muscle mass means more force.”Coty can hardly wait to get the green light from his doctor to rejoin his team in uniform and get back on the field.

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replica ray bans But it wasn’t to be replicated.”That’s what we expected,” Cathedral head coach Ron Prom said of the Tigers’ tenacious man to man defense. “We didn’t see anything we hadn’t expected to see.”We just didn’t get into out offense like we needed.”Buy PhotoCathedral Kate Tomczik drives to the basket during the first half of the Tuesday, March 7, Section 6 2A playoff game at St. Cathedral (21 8) shot 26.3 percent (10 of 38). replica ray bans

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