Should give them plenty of space and go the speed limit

With science and technology programs tanking all over, especially here in the US, the LHC is a breath of fresh air for those who like the leading edge of science and technology. This enormous machine has been producing impressive science results ever since they first got it running properly (since then, problems have been minor). It has also been teaching us what it takes to keep such a vast device operating reliably (something they claimed was nearly undoeable 30 years ago, with a machine 1/7000 the power)..

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As a rugby anthem, the song has probably taken on an even greater significance. The last few years have been the glory years for Irish rugby, at provincial and at international level. The Munster rugby team have adopted the song, even though we in Connaught will want it back as we are in Heineken cup for the first time this season!!!.

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