How to Ready the Face for Makeup Application the Proper Way

Before adding colors and all, it’s important to ready the face for application. This involves cleaning, moisturizer, primer, concealed, foundation and powder to name a few products. Applying these takes a bit of knowledge which is why tutorials are awesome, but here are some basic instructions to get going.

Clean the Face

Wash the face with a gentle cleanser, then pat dry (don’t rub) with a clean towel. There are many exfoliation cleansers that contain micro-beads that will buff the skin and leave it smooth and ready for makeup application. Many will wipe the face with a cotton ball that’s been dipped in toner, this makes pores appears smaller.

Apply a Good Moisturizer

When it comes to choosing a moisturizer, one will quickly find there are more options than they imagined. Choose one that is good for the skin type and with no unnatural additives. There is oily, dry and combination types for the various skin conditions. Apply it gently in a circular motion, all over the face.

Some prefer tinted moisturizer that cover the use of both lotion and primer, or foundation. This option gives the face a lighter feel.

Use Primer and/or Concealer

Not everyone uses primer, but makeup tutorials say it gives a smooth and perfect finish if the wearer has very deep pores. Primers also help keep makeup on the skin longer. They come in different types, some cut redness and others are a matte finish.

Concealer is perfect for hiding any blemishes, discolorations and also the under-eye circles that many have. It should match the chosen foundation but be a shade or two lighter. It should also be gently applied in a circular, tapping motion. Makeup tutorials recommend using applicator or a brush so one isn’t tempted to rub the skin. Cover blemishes, and those dreaded under-eye circles. Quickly patting powder over concealer keeps it from cracking or wrinkling.

· For pimples – use a green tint

· For dark circles – use yellow or orange tint

· For yellow skin tones, choose a lilac colored concealer

Match the Skin Tone

It’s best so shop for foundation that offers samples, and by placing a spot of the makeup near the jaw line one can tell if they have gotten the best match. There are companies that sell foundations to go with warm, neutral and cool undertones. For anyone who is purchasing a foundation from one of these companies, be sure that the right undertone and skin tone is chosen.

Makeup tutorials advise of these tips to help decide the undertone:

· Those who have purple or blue veins have a cool undertone.

· Those who have greenish veins have a warm undertone.

· If it’s hard to decide, then it’s likely a neutral undertone.

Applying Foundation

There are many ways foundation can be applied and coverage is dependent upon what the foundation is applied with. Makeup tutorials will tell their audience that beauty blenders are the best, though foundation brushes and sponges work well too. Many just use their fingers.

Start at the nose, and work out on the bridge of the nose, chin and cheeks. Blend outwardly and don’t forget the jaw line, neck and forehead or there will be a visible line that is more than unattractive.

Apply a Light Powder

Makeup tutorials advise choosing a powder that matches the skin tone. The powder brush should be swirled in it and any extra powder should be blown off. Begin at the nose, then forehead and cheeks. Powder helps set the foundation and give a finished look.

Tips To Select An Ideal Bridal Makeup Artist

Wedding is one of the biggest events in every bride’s life and she wants to look picture-perfect on that day. The way you look on your wedding day will depend a lot on the makeup artist you select. Hire a professional bridal makeup and hair artist to get that perfect look.

Makeup artists are trained professionals who will have expert knowledge about what will look good on you and what will suit you the best. He will help create a polished look that will go perfectly with your wedding dress.

He also understands how different factors like lighting can affect your look and appearance in the photographs. He will also pay attention to details like your skin tone and color and will use products that will help complete your look.

The process of finding the ideal makeup artist can be less strenuous if you keep certain factors in mind.

Research- The first thing to do is to make a list of the bridal makeup and hair artists in your city. You can look for them either online or in bridal directories. Shortlist a few which you feel matches your needs and requirements. You can then arrange personal meetings with them to discuss about the various services they offer and the cost. You can also talk to any friend or colleague of yours who recently got married. Getting referrals from a person you know well is a great way to make the right decision.

Portfolio- It is always advisable to see some samples before you choose a makeup artist. They will have pictures of the brides they have worked with earlier. Give attention to all the details of the kind of work they have done and the efforts they have put in to enhance the look of the brides. Also ask questions from them in case you have any doubt.

Deals and Discounts- Many artists offer discounts if you take complete bridal package from them. Talk to them in detail about the deals they can offer you. This way you can find an affordable artist to give you a ravishing bridal look.

Read Reviews- Online reviews can give you a better idea about the makeup artist in your city. You can check various forums to see what other brides have to say about a particular makeup artist.

Asian Bridal Makeup

Indian Brides; let’s call them Bollywood brides. Let’s face it, the majority of South Asian girls want to look like a Bollywood actress on their wedding day. The traditional colors of Reds, Bronze, Golds, and more Reds, Reds and Reds are the usual colors of a Bollywood Bride. In all the different cultures and traditions these ceremonies can become stressful, tiring and skin dehydrating. Many Specialist Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Artists have skin refreshing techniques that will plump the skin and hide or reduce any dark circles that may have crept up in the coming days of the different ceremonies.

The key element to creating the Bollywood effect is sculpting the face with heavy contouring. The contouring will create that dramatic look which most brides’ desire. The eyes will be the center of attraction, with heavy, deep, coloring shadows, sometimes smoked for an evening ceremony. One of the important aspects to getting the eyes perfect is to make sure the eyes are lined with a good thick black liner finished off with dramatic eye lashes.

Creating this look can be quite difficult so hiring a Specialist in Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist is the best advice as they will have the knowledge and know how to create these stunning styles, and especially in creating a well blended eye shadow, perfect eyeliner and matching those bright, bold colors to match the bridal outfits and compliment the golden skin tones.

The specialists will also give advice in which style will suit the bride best, according to the structure and shape of the face. They will also advise for the perfect styling if the bride traditionally wishes to wear the scarf on the head or for extensions to be added to give extra length in true Bollywood style.

The way in which to choose the perfect Makeup Artist is to talk through all your individual requirements and making sure all your questions are being fully answered by the artist. The artist should set a trial date in which the bride will be able to see one or two different makeup looks, usually used for separate occasions and hairstyles. On this trial the bride will be made aware of any particular lipsticks used so that, they will be able to reapply this throughout their ceremony and advised on how to maintain this makeup throughout the occasion.

Makeup Styles for the Eyes

The makeup world is vast and rich with colors, products and styles. When opting for an eye makeup, you feel confused as you don’t know which style to choose, as if there were no styles left.

You don’t have to feel that way anymore, as we provide you here with some of the best eye makeup styles that are incredibly beautiful and perfect for a Saturday night.

Here are simple makeup tips, ideas and styles that you can apply at home without being a pro yourself.

Cateye Makeup

Creating a sexy cat eye isn’t as difficult as it may seem. You will need an eyeliner that helps you in being precise. Choose a gel liner, and an eyeliner brush. Dip the brush in the black liner and create your tail at the outer corner of your eye. Then, run the brush along the upper lid towards the inner corner of the eye. Fill in your lid with the gel liner so that it looks thicker. You’ll have a winged eye that is perfect for your night.

Bronze Smokey Makeup

Instead of opting for the signature smokey eye that looks really dark, change your look with a hint of bronze. You will need three shades to apply this makeup. Put the darkest shade on your entire lid, the medium-colored shadow in the crease, and the lighter one along the brow bone. After blending the shades together, line your upper and lower lids with black eyeliner. Don’t forget to end your makeup with mascara.

Candlelit Eyes

Candlelit eyes are eyes that shine bright like the stars. What you need here is a light gold eyeliner and a light beige shadow. First of all, apply the light beige shadow on your upper lids and brow bone. Then, line your lower lids with the light gold eyeliner, focusing on the inner corners of the eyes. Line your upper lids with a thin line of black liner, and end your makeup for eyes with mascara.

Teal Liner

Colors make the eyes look alive, so why not add some teal from time to time! First, apply a very light beige shadow or champagne shadow on the upper lids to prep them; also in the inner corners of the eyes for an awake look. Line your lower lids with a teal liner so that your eyes look more than amazing. Finish your makeup by filling in your eyebrows.

Which of these simple makeup, tips, ideas & styles do you prefer?

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How to Get Angelina Jolie’s Makeup

Angelina Jolie has a natural beauty, with the most intriguing facial features. Starting with her famous full lips, and till the boyish tattoos, Angelina looks good with or without makeup. But when wearing it, we have to admit, she is absolutely gorgeous. So here are the best tips and tricks to steal Angelina Jolie’s makeup.

Face Makeup

Angelina has a perfect flawless skin. Start with cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin. This is a basic rule for each skin type, the only difference is that you should use the skin care products that are appropriate for you.

When you’re done with the daily skin care routine, try to hide your flaws by using a concealer to cover your dark circles, foundation to cover your skin problems and a powder for the matte finish. If you don’t have any major skin problem to hide, than just go for a simple translucent powder to get her matte look. Keep in mind that Angelina Jolie has a light skin that she never lets sunburned, so start using a moisturizer with a high SPF.

Angelina Jolie Eyes Makeup

First of all, make sure you have the most classic curved eyebrows. If you don’t have them yet, shape your eyebrows into a clean polished look.

Here eyes are always perfectly emphasized by a simple makeup: some neutral eyeshadows which perfectly blend into her skin, an eyeliner applied in the most professional way and plenty of mascara.

Having the neutral eyeshadow as a base for your eyes makeup, you should start practicing the cat eye look. You’ll need to mark your eyes with a perfect line. For this, you should exercise with an eye pencil before going for the liquid eye liner. It is easier to apply, and you can even use it as a base for the liquid one.

When you got experienced enough, try to get the Cleopatra effect by winging the eyeliner up and out at the outer corners of your eyes. Finish by curling your lashes and apply plenty of mascara.

Angelina Jolie Lips and Cheeks

The eyes have the main role in Angelina Jolie’s makeup, which means, she leaves the lips natural. They look hot even without any need to emphasize them, and this way it’s a perfect balance between her eyes and lips. Apply a beige or light pink natural color but make sure it won’t compete with the eyes makeup. The lips have to look soft and kissable, for the most seductive effects. Avoid the lip liner.

The final touch would be a slight line of blush on your cheeks.

To get Angelina Jolie’s look, remember to keep it simple and create the most appealing cat eye looks. Leave everything else as natural as possible. The cat- eye makeup will do the trick and emphasize your facial features. It is the most classy and stylish makeups which are appropriate for any occasion. This celebrity makeup will make the most chic appearance you’ve ever had.